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Skin care is often the way in which we begin and end our day. It sets the tone for everything that is to come and it helps us to unwind through the cleansing of our day's tension and impurities come evening. Our passion and purpose is to bring you clean, quality skincare that enhances your self care rituals, and makes your everyday feel like a spa retreat.

Each and every one of our products is hand crafted, designed to enhance your daily skin care routine through the intuitive power of botanicals, nourishing plant oils, and natural mineral earth deposits.

The gift of self care...

Our Bath Soak collection is sure to have something for everyone. Bath Soak are released seasonally and are offered on a limited basis. Our line ranges to include everything from earthy, grounding scents, to more uplifting floral blends and citrus bliss. These soaks have been designed and hand-crafted to elevate your bath. Inhale deeply, and enjoy. 

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raw ingredients, real results.

Dunes Facial Exfoliant

Dunes was named after powder soft sand dunes. Dunes resembles, and was designed to gently remove impurities from the skin through botanical exfoliation. It is suitable for daily use, and nearly all skin types. This floral exfoliant leaves the skin soft, radiant, and velvety smooth. 

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Tansy Facial Cream

Tansy is a deeply hydrating skin complex. Ideal for sensitive, normal, dry, and mature skin types. Truly a decadent skin night treatment, suitable for day time use as well. Tansy can aid in; smoothing fine lines, reducing redness and scarring, hydrating, toning, and repairing damaged tissue. 


Body Butter

Our Bronze Body Butter is a customer favorite from year to year, and is only offered seasonally. Great for gifts or stocking stuffers! Apply from head to toe as needed, keeping in mind that a small amount goes a very long way. For deeper penetration massage into warm damp skin following a bath or shower.  

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