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Skin care is often the way in which we begin and end our day. It sets the tone for everything that is to come and it helps us to unwind through the cleansing of our day's tension and impurities come evening. Our passion and purpose is to bring you clean, quality skincare that enhances your self care rituals, and makes your everyday feel like a spa retreat.

Each and every one of our products is hand crafted, designed to enhance your daily skin care routine through the intuitive power of botanicals, nourishing plant oils, and natural mineral earth deposits.

French Green Clay Bar Soap

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

A good bar of soap is an essential every one should have in their daily routine. Our bar soap is made with rich, moisturizing butters and oils to nourish the skin while you cleanse.

Our French Green Clay bar was hand-crafted to bring calm to your routine. The light, citrus notes of Bergamot mingled with Sandalwood is sure to bring a piece of tranquility to the beginning and end of your everyday. This bar also includes french green clay which is known to be a natural, gentle exfoliant and remove impurities, helping to tighten pores and the skin. French Green Clay is a suitable facial and/or body bar for normal to oily skin types. 

Bar soap

raw ingredients, real results.

Dunes Facial Exfoliant

Dunes was named after powder soft sand dunes. Dunes resembles, and was designed to gently remove impurities from the skin through botanical exfoliation. It is suitable for daily use, and nearly all skin types. This floral exfoliant leaves the skin soft, radiant, and velvety smooth. 

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Cayenne Muscle & Joint Rub

Cayenne is a wonderful new product to the P&O Remedies family. This blend of powerful botanicals yields a rub that is high in pain reducing capsaicin and cooling wintergreen. A natural icy hot if you will. Crafted for use by those who suffer from arthritis, muscle pain, over exertion, and general aches and pains.


Soothe Nipple Butter

Soothe is restorative blend of rich, nourishing oil, butters, and healing calendula. Formulated to nourish breast tissue, and ease the discomfort of nursing and pumping. Mama's deserve something soft and velvety to aid in the task of nursing, and establishing vital baby and mama bonds in comfort. 

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